Thursday, 17 May 2012

An ode to Ashleigh & Pudsey

The past couple of weeks have been a little - how to phrase this - shitty. Plagued with an inexplicable headache & snowed under at work I've been staying late, sleeping little and as a result, more than a little bit grumpy. All of this has led to a massive dip in my motivation (leading to my huge lack of posting of late), b) staying away from the computer screen as much as possible (leading to my huge lack of posting of late) and c) not really having anything positive or interesting to say about anything, because I've been either too grumpy or too tired (leading to my huge lack of posting of late).

I thought it was time shake myself by the shoulders, stop feeling sorry for myself and get back on that horse, so I thought I'd share with you one of the few things that hasn't failed to bring a smile to my miserable old face over the past few weeks - Ashleigh & Pudsey of BGT fame.

'Oh, Britain's got talent is rubbish', I hear you say. 'Simon Cowell's a horror', you exclaim - of course I agree, but who can deny the joy of watching a teenage girl and her adorable mutt prance around the stage and be crowned the winners of £500,000 and a performance in front of our dear old Queen?

In an age where we're constantly told that "sex sells!" and that the youth of today are lazy/riotous/just a bit rubbish, it's charming to see a girl who bucks this "trend" the tabloids love to harp on about, and just a bit nice to see that so many people thought them worthy of ITV's outrageous voting charge.

I defy you to not enjoy this (just make sure you pause the clip before you get to Alesha/Amanda's personality-vacuuming dribble):

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