Friday, 11 May 2012 UK launch party

This week, I was lucky enough to attend the UK launch party, hosted at top-floor London club Aqua. A few of us from the office had invites (enter a bathroom getting-ready session to rival that before the Christmas party) so went down after work for a cocktail or two and a look at their wares.

Aqua's beautiful 'Rose & Li' cocktail

 Hosted on the top floor of what used to be department store supreme Dickens & Jones, the event was a lesson in how launch parties should be done - tonnes of product on display, a hilarious photo booth (see below), japanese inspired canapés and some incredible cocktails. There was even a room full of display shoes where we queued up to order a pair from a row of laptops by the bar (albeit a very long queue, but free shoes? Totally worth it). The club has a beauts roof terrace, from which you can look down on to the carnage that iss rush-hour Oxford Circus, and round to the left were beautiful views of the London Eye and beyond.

The atmosphere was relaxed, rather than stuffy or elitist, and we danced the night away on what felt more like a girls' night out than a PR event.

Clara, Laura & Sasha enjoying a cocktail, taking in the view

Hosting a menagerie of brands from Armani Exchange to Stella McCartney to American Apparel, is a unique shopping destination pulling together a huge number of brands. I haven't properly delved into their offerings yet but, my goodness, their own nelly brand does good shoes (my personal favourites - a mint platform court with a gold-lamé block heel. Summer in a shoe). Unfortunately a lot of the styles we saw at the launch aren't yet available online, but I'll be checking back regularly over the next couple of weeks, and eagerly await my delivery! 

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