Monday, 30 April 2012

New Shoes - Kurt Geiger Winston's

Last month I found myself in a pretty unique situation - I had an afternoon ticket to the very first Vogue Festival (which I WILL finish writing up soon, I promise), my favourite ankle-booties were out of action, and there had been a thunder storm almost every day for a week.

When faced with the question, then, of what to wear, I was getting pretty nervous. I try to steer clear of an unplanned purchase but it seemed unavoidable. There I was, on Wednesday lunchtime, t minus 48 hours, scouring the internet for a pair of weather-appropriate, Vogue Fest-friendly, killer ankle boots. I suddenly remembered a KG by Kurt Geiger pair I had lusted after months ago but just hadn't been able to part with the cash for, having already splashed out on a pair of suede NW3 wedge ankle boots for the season. I then also remembered that KG were in the middle of mid-season sale.

Friend & colleague Sasha also now has a pair, so we can both
look super-hot stomping around the office in these bad boys..

Despite the whopping 66% markdown (priced down from £180 to a pretty special £59), I still felt guilty about my purchase. These are extraordinary times, needing winter-boots in almost-summer, and I had a nagging feeling by the time the chance came to get any proper wear out of them, I wouldn't be so in love with them anymore. How wrong can one girl be? They've adorned my feet every single day (apart from the odd Saturday stroll to the shops, or the day I was sick so didn't leave the house), and until the weather picks up I can't imagine wearing anything else (I do usually try to change things up a little, but I'd rather have cosy feet than showcase my entire shoe collection each week, thanks very much).

The heel height makes them acceptable for work, the hidden platform keeps them comfortable and the track-sole detail makes them a breeze in adverse weather.  Moral of the story - don't always listen to that nagging voice inside your head - if I had, I'd have pretty soggy feet right now..

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  1. I don't think I'm gonna keep them! Can't rock them like you can!

    Currently trying on EVERYTHING in my wardrobe to convince myself otherwise...