Sunday, 29 April 2012

"I've never seen so much food on one table"

The table laden with treats
This weekend, my lovely brother allowed his equally lovely girlfriend to host a Tapas party at the house he shares with friends just down the road in New Cross. The idea was this: everyone brings at least one dish, sweet or savoury, to add to the delights that had already been created.

Arriving late, there was nothing for us to do but add our Chorizo bean salad to the already full table, open our bottles of bubbly, grab a plate and dig in!

On the menu was Amelia's Sweet Potato Surprise, Phil's Hot Sausage, greek salad, pesto pasta with avocado, rosemary potatoes, asparagus twists, mozzarella & tomato sticks, plus cured meats, olives, anchovies, hummous & ciabatta - and probably a load more things I just can't remember. For dessert, there was plum clafoutis, banana & fudge cake, pear & almond cake, and Hummingbird's raspberry brownie cheesecake. As if this wasn't enough, everything had been labelled with hilarious names, like "shrivelled by the sun tomatos"and my personal favourite - "Christ on a bike, what is this thing?!"

Thanks so much to Amelia for organising everything, and thanks to Phil, Peder & Belinda for letting us invade their house for the evening - I hope you throw another one soon!

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