Saturday, 28 April 2012

The London Particular

Hello weekend
My favourite breakfast destination is practically right on my doorstep, making it the ideal location for  brunch with friends on a rainy Saturday morning.

Homely touches 

The London Particular popped up during my brief 18-month hiatus from residing in New Cross, & to me, represents how even the most underestimated places can provide a hidden gem. Serving the most incredible breakfasts, brunches, lunches, cakes & dinners, The Particular serves fresh food made from ingredients sourced from local independent suppliers.

The Particular's brunch bowl should leave you more
than satisfied

I usually can't tear myself away from their incredible sweet-potato & leek cakes, but after a serious case of food-envy on my last visit, this time ordered their Brunch Bowl - a plate of their homemade baked beans (haricots and ham hock in an incredibly rich tomato sauce), sausages, spinach, mushroom, tomato, sourdough toast...& I plumped for the optional extra of a soft-boiled egg - for £7.50, you can't really argue with them, can you?

Banana & berry loaf

If you think the brunch bowl might be a little much, they also offer a range of smaller, sweet breakfasts - homemade brioche (berry or chocolate), granola, and banana loaf served with yoghurt. To be honest I'd happily set up camp there for a full day, as I'm always too full to try everything that takes my fancy.

Delicious looking macarons

The kitchen team just finished a temporary residency at Little Portland Street bar The Social, and was received with rapturous applause. Unfortunately that's now long been over, so if you want to sample The Particular's delights you've got no choice but to hop on the Overground & join us in SE14.


  1. That is a foodgasm right there!

  2. Only been once (why? Because I live two hundred miles away!) but really tasty & exciting.