Monday, 23 April 2012

The First Pimm's of Spring

The weather may have taken an unexpected turn for the worse, but for a few days at the beginning of April, it really did start to feel like Spring. For me and my two housemates, this can only mean one thing - it's time for the first Pimm's of Spring.

In our house, we love a seasonal drink - as soon as it's November we're safely into mulled wine territory, and on the first of December you can add Bailey's into the mix, not to forget party favourite elderflower, pomegranate and prosecco. But post-New Year it's a long, dry wait until the first flush of spring arrives, and with it the spice & citrus fruit notes of Pimm's no.1 cup.

The best way to enjoy Pimms has to be the old favourite - mixed with ice and lemonade, and served in a glass with a sprig of mint & a slice of cucumber - maybe a segment of orange if you're really feeling extravagant, but nothing more is really needed.

If you're feeling particularly flush, you could instead make a Pimms Royal Cup, by serving straight into a flute or saucer and topping with Champagne.

As the traditional drink of Wimbledon, the Glyndebourne Opera Festival and so many more British summer-time events, one is merely doing ones patriotic duty by keeping calm and drinking up. Don't mind if I do!

Head over to the Pimm's website for more recipes.

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