Monday, 23 April 2012

The Draft House

Since notorious burger joint Meat Liquor opened at the end of 2011 I have been on the constant search for the best burger in London. Meat Liquor was fun, and most definitely novel, but after dining there I had a 12-hour need to lie down and had to shampoo my hair twice to remove the smell of all that grease. They don't take bookings, you don't get plates with your food, nor do you get given cutlery - trendy - yes, practical - not so much. 

I'm a huge fan of Bodean's and although this satisfies those all-important meat cravings, it doesn't quite count as a burger. Byron is great for a quick eat before drinks, cinema or theatre, but the price-tag seems a little over-the-top for the in-and-out-as-fast-as-you-can service.

Enter, then, The Draft House - a small London chain (three, to be exact) of pubs, selling itself mainly as drinking holes providing exquisite beers, bottled & on tap. Don't be fooled, then, into thinking that drinking comes first and eating comes second for these guys - they take their food very seriously. 

On to the menu, then, and although featuring tonnes of other delights (Pork Schnitzel & Vietnam Chicken Salad, to name just two), the burgers are really where it's at. There are just three to choose from - The Yolk (with friend egg and glazed hollandaise), The Smoke (with smoked chipotle mayo, smoked cheddar & cured bacon) or The Poke (with bird's eye chillies, old amsterdam cheese & 'integral' onion rings). Extras are available, and I'm quite sure for the unadventurous of palette they'd serve a plain burger - but where's the fun in that? 

The Draft House's The Smoke, plus fries & onion rings

After great deliberation, I opted for The Smoke - any form of smoked cheese and meat is OK by me. We ordered fries (twice fried no less) and onion rings on the side, and two bottles of Samuel Adams Boston Lager to wash it all down with - the result? A flavourful, juicy burger with some incredible additions and heavenly sides. The only downside? After all that beef, potato, cheese, onion, bacon, batter & bread, we had no room for desert.

What are your favourite burger restaurants in London?

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