Sunday, 3 June 2012

Review: Chanel Holiday

This week played host to one of my favourite days - pay day. It was also my last week at work before I hop over to France for a while, so I thought I should combine the two and treat myself to a little pre-holiday pressie, and what better than one of Chanel's latest Le Vernis offerings - Holiday - perfectly named for my impending jaunt across the channel!

A wonderfully punchy orange/red, this colour is just perfect for bright summer days and long, balmy nights. It fits with the majority of my summer wardrobe - it's brilliantly nautical with stripes, almost patriotic with blue and adds a punch to monochrome. I can also imagine it clashing brilliantly with some of my bright printed dresses. 

As with all Chanel polishes it goes on easily and provides full colour. I religiously always add two coats, but it looks fine after just one.

The pictures don't do it justice - I haven't managed to capture the orange half as well as I'd liked. This is more what it looks like in real life:

Isn't it beauts! What's your favourite holiday polish?

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