Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Holiday - a trick for packing light

Heading on holiday is always an exciting time, but when faced with the dreaded instruction "pack light" I can get a little panicked. I can always cut down on some areas (my housemate Kieron will forever be a God amongst men where I'm concerned after he helped me pack for a two-week trip to America last summer and turn up with the lightest case out of 15 people, most of them perennial light-packers), but the one thing I find impossible to scrimp on is beauty products. 

Swimming & sun take their toll on your skin so you need to make sure you can look after them properly, and holidays usually bring light make-up days, meaning you want your skin to be looking its best if you're going out [facially] naked.

Imagine my delight then, when I remembered the spur-of-the-moment purchase I made in Primark about 6 months ago of one of those little sets of travel bottles and tubs, all contained in a zip-lock plastic case. 

I've seen a lot of these on the market (including the incredibly cute Ickle Bockles), but I already spend more than enough money on beauty products - why would I want to spend even more on transporting them around? My Primark kit was just £1, comprises of 3 bottles & 3 pots, plus a pack of labels & a zip-lock case. It also adheres to current carry-on liquid rules & comes with a little funnel to avoid spillages. FOR JUST £1. You could even buy two, if you needed.

It saved me not only valuable holdall space (I didn't even have room for a suitcase) but also saved me lugging around even more weight than necessary - amazing.

Helping me turn this....
...into this!

The high street is undoubtedly full of this sort of thing right now, & of course you can always buy your boots mini's (perennially on 3 for 2, if I remember correctly), but this is the first one I saw & I doubt you'll find one cheaper!

What are your tips for holiday packing, and do you ever manage to pack light?

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