Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Topshop's formal jogger; you complete me

For the last couple of week's I've been desperate for a pair of printed trousers, but haven't been able to find that illusive perfect pair.

They were either too bright, too dull, too busy, too sparse, too casual or too smart. I was beginning to think I'd never find any, and gave up hope of spending my summer days in printed glory.

Enter Topshop and their poppy printed 'formal jogger' - busy print, but monochrome to keep it toned down, jogger shape (drawstring waist, always a winner) but polyester to stop them from looking too casual, turned up at the bottoms for a carefree summer feel. I could go on, but I've already been far more gushing than one should ever be about a pair of trousers.

Top, Trousers & Shoes | Topshop
Perfect with many an item already in my wardrobe - heels, loafers or sandals, white tee, coloured blouse or black leotard, at just £35 they provide multiple outfit options at, in my eyes, a pretty amazing price.

Topshop Co-ord Poppy Print Joggers | £35

I've since found they also offer them in a coloured, Navajo-style print, and am tempted to purchase these too when payday finally comes around - now I've dipped my toe into the pool of printed trousers, I'm ready to take the plunge!

Morph Native Joggers | £35

What items are next on your summer shopping lists? Next on mine - the Statement Necklace.

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