Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Summer in the city

After a long, rain-sodden spring, the sun finally came out last week, turning what had been a pretty miserable London into a glorious hive of sun-related activity.

Everywhere you look, people are getting together and making the most of the soaring temperatures; family rounders tournaments in the park, friends gathering for post-work cider, and practically everybody you encounter is in a fabulous mood.

Here's how I spent my week in the sun - how did you spend yours?

Work lunches in Cavendish Square are an absolute must

Oxford Street's ready for the Jubilee

A post-work cider in the park

Admiring the newly renovated Cutty Sark

Pre-eurovision party bubbles

Leon Raspberry Lemonade is a summer afternoon must

Admiring the view from Greenwich park

 The Hilton Skybar terrace - 'top of the hill living' indeed

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