Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sample Sale Fever

Yesterday was one of those days where you feel it's almost impossible to sit at your desk, focus on the task in hand and get on with some work. Not only was it a Friday, but a Friday before a three-day weekend (thank you May Day), and as if that wasn't enough, today was Sample Sale Day.

Every couple of months, we sell our samples to raise money for charity, and add a few pounds to our head office treats pot. Sample sale fever can set in pretty quickly, and can usually be characterised by a general lack of motivation for work, a desire to talk only of 'what will be in the sale?', plus a general air of giddiness, and (most common of all) rolling your chair over somebody close to you, putting your head closer than should be acceptable to theirs and telling them exactly how many minutes there are left (a certain someone had to put up with a little of this particular behaviour from me yesterday).

The Sample Sale Stampede

An hour before we open our doors to friends & family, head office staff get to shop the sale for sample & faulty clothes, shoes & accessories. Prices are rock-bottom, so it's easy to just grab everything and end up spending a fortune, but I think I've finally perfected the art of the sample sale:

Do grab anything you think is a gem, even if you don't want it. Sample sales are a time for sisterhood - remember to share the wealth.
Don't buy anything just because it's cheap compared to its retail price. Like sale shopping, you have to be mega careful you don't come away with a tonne of stuff you would never have even considered at full price.
Do do your research beforehand. You mightn't find any of those things you earmarked on the website, but you won't pick up all the things you scrolled past unnoticed either.
Don't forget your mum. She'll never forgive you.
Do review before you queue. Go through your haul, splitting into 'yes', 'no' & 'maybe'. Then do the same process again with the things in the maybe pile. Keep going until all you have left is a 'yes' and a 'no'.

Putting all of the above into practice, here's what I ended up with this time around. I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with my restraint:

Clock-wise from top -

  • AW11 Cheetah Piped Ankle Boots | £149 (was £199) | available on Hobbs' Outlet store | I'll be saving these boots for cold winter days, to spice up an otherwise sombre outfit
  • NW3 Meadow Dress in Burnt Orange | £169 | available here | as soon as the sun shows it's face I'll be pairing the orange dress with platform sandals and a clashing nail polish
  • AW11 Double Pocket Top | £49 (was £99) | available on Hobbs' Outlet store | This will be perfect teamed with high-waisted trousers, tucked into skirts or even with jeans
  • NW3 Honey Bee Necklace | £49 | available here | This may well end up as a gift, but with it's tiny bees & pretty little daisies, how could I resist?!

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