Monday, 21 May 2012

Review: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Since I was about 14, I've been using the same sorts of products on my skin. I've had oily, blemished skin for as long as I can remember, and to combat it I began using anti-oil, anti-regreasing, anti-blocked pore, anti-spot solutions day in, day out. I was never faithful to any specific brand or range - they never worked well enough for that - but I was faithful to the idea that stripping oil from your skin is the way to go.

A few weeks ago, I was stopped in my tracks when I learnt that actually, it's the exact OPPOSITE way to go. After yet another recommendation from Sali Hughes, I started researching Clarins facial oils. These apparent wonder products are the first thing ever made by Jacques Courtin-Clarins and remain unchanged in formula today. According to Sali, their Lotus facial oil is perfect for re-balancing combination skin - desperate for a solution to my problems, I headed to my nearest beauty hall to seek the advice of those super-groomed, red-jacketed oracles.

I was horrified to learn that, although oily, my skin was incredibly dehydrated. Prodding and pulling my skin, my consultant showed me how what I thought were open pores on my cheeks were actually lines due to dryness. Horrified, I made a few purchases and ran home to slather myself in moisture as quickly as possible. 

Since changing up my skincare I've seen some dramatic changes - although I suffered an initial 'change-of-products breakout' I'm through the worst of it and my skin is hardly oily anymore. Even as I write, I haven't had to re-powder all day; pressing my skin in its most problematic areas it's matte and soft. I didn't think it were possible, but it seems I've finally found my perfect skincare routine. 

It sounds almost laughable, but the concept of moisture was so foreign to me that I had to write myself a little running list to keep in the bathroom drawer.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed | the perfect way to create a squeaky clean base in the morning
Boots tea tree oil toner | the one 'anti-oil' product I just can't get rid of; removes grime your cleanser didn't
Clarins hydra-quench intensive serum | a glass of water for your face, this is so intense I've downgraded it to a weekly treatment rather than a daily dose of moisture
Clarins beauty flash balm | The ultimate instant beautifier, I can't get ready without it
Mac tinted moisturiser | as my good friend Orla once described it (whilst slapping it on during a bus ride with a hangover) "I don't look like I'm wearing make-up, I just look better"

Botanics soothing eye make-up remover | a gentle, effective (& cheap) way to remove every trace of mascara whilst soothing the eye area
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish | use at the end of the day with a towelling or terry cloth to wipe away the day's grime & makeup, as well as the day's stresses
Another dose of tea tree oil water
Clarins Lotus face treatment oil | as already mentioned, life changing


  1. How long did u suffer the change of product breakout? Been using the lotus oil for a week now and my face is breaking out so badly

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