Tuesday, 23 April 2013

BDD turns 1!

Today marks a full year since my first post on Bake Drink Dress - doesn't time fly? 

Yes, OK, I know I've been a terrible blogger for some most of the year, but I've been busy becoming a better person, broadening my horizons, opening my mind...OK, fine, being drunk and watching Game of Thrones (not at the same time, natch). 

So on Bake Drink Dress' first birthday, here's some other firsts of the past 12 months:

As if someone let me be their bridesmaid <3

After 5 years of not making it to carnival, I
finally found out what I'd been missing

First time swimming in Hampstead Ponds
First time running through a thunder storm in a bikini
First time seeing a drunken 40-year-old man sporting a
crop top & a belly-button piercing

I was out-styled by my mother (probably not
actually the first time, she put me in baby bonnets)

40 days and nights without bread is testament to
my ridiculous, unreligious stubbornness.
And yes, that is a wheat-free crumpet smothered in Skippy.

A year of visiting my favourite place

Actually started to enjoy flats. I now have three
much-loved pairs in my repertoire. Yes, really.

Never before has my baking vision been "I want it to look
like it's been made by a 10 year-old".
I think I succeeded.

And, one final first, seeing as I'm still making up for being so lax - 

First time I posted a picture of myself as a [gormless] baby - 

Clearly a baker from a young age
Hopefully not much of a drinker
Definitely less of a dresser

Here's to the next year!

(I promise I'll be better)


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